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Like giraffes, rhinos, gorillas and dolphins, domestic animals need training too! Pets need to learn manners so that they remain in their forever homes. Service animals need to learn to help their owners with daily tasks. Therapy dogs need to be thouroughly desensitized to almost any scenario. And all of this can be accomplished via positive reinforcement training. No dominance theory required. Find out how we can help your organization. Contact us today.

Important Announcement: PB is in the process of launching a more robust domestic animal branch of the company!! Announcements and updates to this content coming soon!!

Service and Therapy Dog Training


The most successful service and therapy dog facilities utilize the same behavior modification methods adopted and advanced by marine mammal trainers decades ago.


We have taught courses and worked hands-on with the superior assistance and therapy dog center in Santiago, Chile, Bocalan Confiar for many years. We look forward to working with more Bocalan centers word-wide.



Continuing Education Seminars & Workshops


Take your employees’ training skills to the next level with coaching and instruction from the top exotic animal trainers in the business. Training dogs is best accomplished following the same positive reinforcement strategies and methodologies as are used with exotic animals.


We offer a wide variety of thourough science-based workshops and seminars for both novice and experienced animal trainers. All courses are taiored to each specific client's needs and can be taught to dog, cat, pig and horse trainers with equal effectiveness. Education is a continuous process that should be revisited often. Below is a sampling of our modules.


  • Animal Training Essentials

  • Advanced Bridging

  • Aggression: Causes and Reduction

  • Understanding Consequences

  • Building Better Relationships

  • Effective Enrichment

  • Reinforcement Strategies

  • Showmanship

  • Animal Training in the Real World (a how-to seminar series that covers specific behavioral goals)


Ask us about hosting an animal training workshop for your animal business or community club as a fundraising event!



Local Humane Societies & Shelters


Enable your employees to be the best animal trainers/care-takers they can be. The animals at your facility and your clients will be the beneficiaries.


Make all humane society animals more adoptable. 


Find more forever homes for the animals in your care by reducing the rate of animals that must be re-homed due to bad manners once they are adopted. 


We can:


  • Educate your clients with a sound scientific approach to animal training

  • Utilize a truly positive system of behavior modification that doesn’t rely on domination tactics

  • Improve relationships between owner and companion animal





“Our institution, Bocalan Confiar, is a branch organization in Chile, representing Bocalan International Foundation in Madrid, Spain. Our main activities are training assistance dogs for people with disabilities, conducting animal-assisted therapy programs and teaching professional training courses for people interested in animal training and in rehabilitation.


As part of one of our professional training courses, “Monitor de Educación Canina,” we invited Angi and Thad from Precision Behavior to Santiago to teach the behavior modification and aggression management units. It was an honor to have such outstanding world-class trainers in our country and our students and staff were delighted with their great experience and charisma.


Their visit was an opportunity not only for our institution, but also for the two largest zoos in Santiago where Thad and Angi shared their experience and gave valuable advice regarding training, husbandry and animal enrichment to the trainers and caregivers of large mammals such as polar bears, panthers, lions and others.


It was a great opportunity and a luxury to have their presence and share their friendliness and simplicity. We hope to repeat this experience in 2011 and expand it to other Latin American headquarters of the Foundation such as Bocalan Peru, Bocalan Colombia and Bocalan Costa Rica.”

Cecilia Marre M., Director, Bocalan Confiar, Santiago, Chile

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