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We offer a wide variety of services for zoos, oceanariums, aquariums, sanctuaries and conservation centers designed to improve the lives of the dedicated care-takers and trainers who have chosen this noble profession and the animals with whom they are entrusted. For facilities wishing to have a dramatic impact on the quality of life of their animals, there isn't a better choice than informed, skilled positive behavior management. It is the most overlooked key to improved animal welfare in the zoological industry.


You won’t find a more experienced team of animal behavior professionals in the zoo consulting field. Our behavior modification methods are based on sound science utilizing positive reinforcement. Regardless of species, regardless of the behavioral challenge, the solutions are found through positive relationships and solid experience.


All of Precision Behavior's services are tailored to the needs of each client. Below is a partial list of our offerings. Please contact us to see how we may benefit your facility.

Continuing Education Seminars & Workshops

We offer a wide variety of thorough science-based workshops and seminars for both novice and experienced animal trainers. All courses are tailored to each specific client's needs. Education is a continuous process that should be revisited often. Below is a sampling of our modules.


  • Animal Training Essentials

  • Advanced Bridging

  • Aggression: Causes and Reduction

  • Understanding Consequences

  • Building Better Relationships

  • Effective Enrichment

  • Reinforcement Strategies

  • Showmanship

  • Animal Training in the Real World (a how-to seminar series that covers specific behavioral goals)

Husbandry & Medical Behavior Training

Every facility benefits from successful daily husbandry and medical training. When animals are trained to voluntarily cooperate in their daily routines and their medical care, the result is better welfare for the animals and less wasted time for the keepers. Below are just a few of the most frequent behaviors we assist zoological facilities in obtaining with their animal residents. 


  • Shifting/ Gating on Cue

  • Scale/ Weights

  • Blood Collection

  • Injections

  • Full Body Inspections

  • Reduction of Undesirable Behavior

Long-Term Behavior Programs Support

At Precision Behavior, we strive to build long-term relationships with our clients. We work with a number of facilities as their on-staff consulting team, working with them multiple times per year. These consultations vary from one week per consultation to over a month per consultation, dependent on the clients needs. We can re-structure, improve, expand or build from the ground-up a world-class behavior management program at your facility.


For facilities wishing to have a dramatic impact on the quality of life of their animals, there isn't a better choice than informed, skilled positive behavior management. It is the most overlooked key to improved animal welfare in the zoological industry.

Education Presentation/Show Development

Shows and educational presentations are a fantastic opportunity to showcase an animal's natural abilities and adaptations while inspiring continued learning. But education doesn't have to be boring! To educate, we first have to engage. See what we can do to help develop or re-vamp shows and presentations from stadiums that hold thousands to small intimate encounters.


Thad Lacinak was the Vice President at Busch Entertainment Corporation responsible for all animal training when SeaWorld’s Believe Show won the prestigious THEA Award for Outstanding Achievement in a Live Show!


In 2010, Precision Behavior partnered with sky’s the limit international to produce the dolphin show “De Droom Wens” at the Netherlands’ Dolfinarium, which was nominated for the IAAPA Brass Ring Award.


Interactive Programs
Figure 7.jpeg

Interactive programs allow guests to have an intimate encounter with animals that otherwise would not be possible. Whether with dolphins, sea lions, sharks, or any other animal, this is an unparalleled opportunity to create a more educated, conservation-oriented public. We can help ensure that these important experiences for guests are both impactful and safe.

Effective Enrichment

Enrichment provides opportunities for mental stimulation and play in captive animals. Most facilities would agree it is an essential component of animal management. Unfortunately, a haphazard approach to enrichment application can result in very little actual motivation for the animals. We can help facilities make the most of the enrichment they have and help trainers understand the most crucial element of enrichment - timing!

Leadership & Teambuilding Training

Precision Behavior has decades of experience in executive management. In addition to our management experience in zoos and aquariums, we have taught teambuilding and leadership seminars to corporate clients and the Homeland Security branch of the U.S. government based on Thad's New York Times best-seller, Whale Done! The Power of Positive Relationships. Behavior modification is the same process, regardless of the species. Humans just happen to be the most difficult animal!

Additional Services

To learn more about any service, simply click the photo to expand.

“Thad and Angi with Precision Behavior spent  a number of days working directly with Gatorland’s animal care staff with classroom and direct hands-on training with our animals.  In a relatively short amount of time, they established a firm foundation of behavior modification and positive reinforcement to teach our team how to condition our small animals and birds for safe guest interactions.  Throughout the teaching process, Thad and Angi were fun, upbeat, and positive.  Wait a second, that’s what they teach…BEING POSITIVE!  Ohhhh, now I get it! Go Figure!”

Mark McHugh, President & CEO, Gatorland

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