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May 18-21, 2018 Hosted by Zoo Tampa at Lowry Park

Preliminary Workshop Schedule

For NextGEM Updates...

Friday, May 18:

Saturday, May 19, morning session:

  • Developing a Successful Positive Reinforcement Training Elephant Program

  • Implementing Choice and Control in Elephant Behavior Management

  • Insemination training demonstration at LPZ elephant barn

Saturday, May 19, afternoon session:

  • Latest in Elephant Cognition Research

  • Strategies and Techniques for Improved Social Management of Elephants

Saturday, May 19, evening event:​

  • Viewing of the documentary film, The Elephant Trainer in The Room (time and location TBD)

Sunday, May 20, morning session:

  • Miscellaneous Advances in Elephant Welfare and Management

  • Legislation, Regulation and Accreditation Issues:          Where Are We Headed?

  • Mother and calf elephant behavior demonstration with   LPZ Elephant Team.

Sunday, May 20, afternoon session:

  • Public Perceptions of Elephants in Zoos, Sanctuaries,         and "the Wild"

  • Prospects and Implications of Bullhook Use in Zoos

Monday, May 21, morning session:

  • Progress and Evolution: Transitioning an Elephant Program

  • Semen collection training demo at elephant barn

NOTE: All sessions to be held at Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo, unless indicated otherwise.

Questions? Please email Chris Massaro, General Curator, Zoo Tampa at Lowry Park

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